Endless Sorrow, by David Greenfield (USA)

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Endless Sorrow, by David Greenfield (USA)



Two robotic figures are seen leaving a house, one carrying the other who is draped in his arms, mortally wounded.

I was an American serving in the Israeli army in the mid-1970s, when during basic training, members of the PLO came into a small village in the north, capturing a house and holding the family inside hostage. My unit was sent to provide extra security in the village and neighboring towns while we waited for seasoned veteran soldiers to rescue the hostages. After they arrived, they stormed the house, and a number of civilians and PLO fighters were killed. One of the Israeli soldiers soon exited the house carrying one of the dead. It was his brother and it was his brother's house. This was my first real exposure to war, and the image of the event has been seared into my memory and has been one of the reasons that I became an anti-war activist.



Pen and ink on archival paper

Original Format

8" x 12"



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