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A large arched gate loom in the foreground, straddling a serpentine road that winds its way through a peaceful and verdant landscape. The painting is very textured with layers and layers of 4 words- life, love, justice, and peace in Arabic, English,…

Searching for escape.jpg
A small transparent acrylic panel over a color xerox of a man, peering over two red-splattered maps of the middle east, searching for a way out.

Searching for an escape from the tyranny of the past and the bloodshed of the present middle east.

Endless Sorrow.jpg
Two robotic figures are seen leaving a house, one carrying the other who is draped in his arms, mortally wounded.

I was an American serving in the Israeli army in the mid-1970s, when during basic training, members of the PLO came into a small…

Sacrifice was painted in San Francisco after I returned from a 6-month stay in Israel/Palestine as an artist-in-residence in 1988 during the first Intifada. The images are from photographs and sketches of a soldier, teacher, the artist, a child, and…
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