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Greenfield, David (Palestine, Israel, USA)


Dr. David Greenfield, Ed.D. is an educator, technologist, artist, and scholar of graphic novels. He earned his M.A.Ed. in Educational Technology, and his Ed.D. in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and wrote his dissertation on using graphic novels to teach youth about social justice.

He has spoken about comics in education at Comic Cons, as well as academic symposiums. Some of the educational initiatives that Dr. Greenfield has led include collaborative art workshops with Jewish, Moslem and Christian children in northern Israel, creating and teaching technology through a constructivist methodology to primary school students in a multicultural school in Los Angeles, as well as consulting with arts education groups on ways to reach out to children through the arts. For the past six years, Dr Greenfield has led and/or participated in educational workshops and salons with teachers and students in Russia, Siberia, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Taiwan.

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