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Nedeljković, Vukašin (Ireland)

Birchwood House Direct Provision Centre, Waterford.jpg

Vukašin Nedeljkovic is an artist, activist and independent scholar. He initiated the multidisciplinary platform, Asylum Archive, a platform open for dialogue and discussion inclusive to individuals who have experienced a sense of sociological/geographical ‘displacement,’ social trauma and violence. It is an act of solidarity to bring a different perspective on the life of people who came to Ireland to seek protection. 

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Sulaj, Klaudja (Albania)

Spirit Through the Mirror, by Klaudja Sulaj (Albania)

Klaudja Sulaj uses photography and print as a ‘machine’ that randomly delivers meaning through stints, glitches, and random machine-layering of images. She turns toward the Mediterranean and is turning the Mediterranean into truth about the meaning of being. Inspired by the notion of ‘cradle of civilization’, she combines her attitude of functioning as a seer, an empathic, channeler of spirits, mirroring doubles, and conjured images from the ‘out of life.’ In her works, the ‘out of life’ apparitions seem to say, “ I was damaged, but I’m a shaman. The soul has won. I have put out the origins of the pain. Listen to me. My wounds have the power to heal because I healed myself."

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Yousif, Abbas (Bahrain)

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Abbas Yousif’s multimedia works are made from calligraphy and Arabic alphabet. The Arabic letters are charged with explosive graphic symbols, which are like “spells” and aesthetically abstract. He applies different colors, printing techniques, collage, pastes, huge canvas, zinc etching on zinc, copper and silkscreen in his process.

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